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How Spray Foam can Increase the Value of Your Home

Thursday, August 31, 2023

There are many things you can do to increase the overall value of your home and property, such as adding a pool in the backyard, completing some much needed renovations in a part of the house, or by adding in spray foam sealant like what we offer here at Thermoseal.

This post will be all about the latter. Learn how you can increase the intrinsic worth of your home simply by adding a high-quality product for your home's main insulation. Read on below to learn more!

A Better Built Home is Worth More

Unsurprisingly, having a home that is built using high-quality materials not only means that your home will be stronger and more durable, but it also means that the value of your home will be increased also.

Just as adding in marble countertops over granite will increase the intrinsic value of your kitchen, so will adding spray foam over loose-fill insulation in the walls of your entire home. This one decision can be a very significant investment in the long-term.

People are More Likely to Purchase a Quality Home

There are many things that potential homeowners look for before they make their final decision. There's no question that one of the things they will inquire about will undoubtedly be how the home is insulated.

There is no question that what you don't want to happen is to disappoint a potential buyer because you chose to use a cheaper, less effective form of insulation. Home insulation is very important. Thus, why you should use spray foam to keep your house running at a stable temperature, among many other benefits.

Resale Value Will Likely Increase

One of the assets that you can remind your realtor of when deciding to sell your house is that you have used spray foam as the main form of insulation. This will surely increase the overall value of your home when and if you're ready to sell.

Sure, not everyone buys a home to sell it, but you never truly know what the future has in store. Therefore, it's much better to be prepared than to not be. With that being said, make sure you use spray foam to insulate your home rather than some of the other less effective options that are out there.

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