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Trouble Shoot Spray Foam Pressures

Know How To Spray Good Foam On Every Insulation Project

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Equipment is the number one source of problems when spraying foam.

What Pressures Should I Spray At?

Knowing how to spray good foam comes from training and experience in making sure you spray foam at the proper temperatures and spray on ratio. Knowing how to operate and maintain your equipment will help you avoid liability and safety issues.

For example, ThermoSeal Spray Foams are designed to be sprayed at equal pressures between 1200 and 1800 psi on both the A-side and B-side. The pressure gauges should be visually checked by a crew member at least every 15 mins. If the pressures are off by more than 100 psi, it is mandatory to stop spraying and identify the source of the problem. Review our pressure troubleshooting guide below.

Where to start troubleshooting spray foam pressures?

When pressures are off, there are several common checkpoints:

  • Gun Screens
  • Y-Strainer Screen on the Machine
  • Mixing Chamber Side Ports
  • Drum Pumps
  • Viscosity Imbalance or Cold Material
Spraying foam on inside commercial roof warehouse

Quick Guide to Troubleshooting Spray Foam Pressure

  • If the A-Side Pressure Keeps Falling, then:
    • There is either a blackage on the B-Side at the Gun
      • B-side Screens
      • B-side Mixing Chamber
      • Additional less common issues include:
        • A-side gun O-rings are leaking
        • A-side proportioning pump packing’s are leaking
    • Or, there is a restriction on the A-side supply:
      • Machine Y Strainer
      • A-side Drum Pump
  • If the B-side pressure keeps falling then:
    • Reverse the above
  • Viscosity imbalance or cold material:
    • If pressures are slightly off but steady, and there is nothing wrong with your equipment, there may be a viscosity imbalance due to cold weather
    • The B-side material is thicker than the A-side material
    • Solutions:
      • Raise the B-side primary heaters 3-5 degrees higher than the A-side
      • Warm the drums to 77F
        • Do not directly apply heat to closed cell resin drums
        • The drum temperature has to be raised gradually, the best method is by storing it in a warm space and letting the surrounding air heat the drum slowly

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